See your cold. Temperature and environmental monitoring to revolutionize your service.

Dashboards, alerts & reports across temperature, humidity and IAQ to drive smarter service programs. 

See. Know. Service with Precision.


24/7 Asset Protection + Mobile App Visibility = Technology Enhanced Service

Plug and play installation & configuration coupled with intuitive software that delivers real-time visibility for your service team and your most valuable clients. Coldvision.ai is the affordable, simple and powerful temperature and IAQ monitoring system designed for HVAC/R technicians who strive to deliver precise service.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Consolidates all wireless monitoring: sound, temperature, power, humidity, air pressure and other environmental conditions into a seamless platform that connects, detects and protects. Provide your customer a single view into all their sensitive environments.

Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

Protect revenue and drive greater food safety for your clients with simple and affordable temperature, humidity and IAQ monitoring. Respond in real time to potential temperature excursions that can impact operations and profitability.

Life Sciences & Universities

Protect lab freezers and clean rooms for biologics including vaccines, blood products, DNA/RNA, cryogenics. Designed to meet the most exacting specifications.

Wholesale & Retail Food Safety

Protect your customers and your profit. Ensure freezers, refrigerators, and walk-ins are maintaining desired temperatures. Help your clients deliver ready made regulatory reports for FSMA compliance.

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Powerful Software Designed to Connect you to the Cold/Frozen and Ambient Conditions you Service.

Protect perishable assets. Enhance air quality. Make data easy to see to drive smarter service decisions. And help your clients satisfy regulatory requirements in a few clicks. Coldvision.ai is far more than alerts. It's connectivity that drives intelligent service packages.

Real Time Dashboard

Mobile app or desktop view of every cold, frozen or ambient environment plus humidity, air pressure and VOC/IAQ. Keep your team and customer in the know about conditions vital to their operations. Intuitive and easy to share, the Coldvision.ai dashboard captures the information you need to drive smarter service.

Reports & Compliance Automation

Track temperature, humidity and IAQ over time to make more informed service decisions and perform consultative service. Leverage real-time and historical data to keep your clients informed of sensitive environment conditions.

Real Time Alerts

Delivered to your phone via text, call, push notification and email, these alerts can be tiered across your organization and responded to in real time in the coldvision.ai mobile app. The alerts drive safer operations and help technicians respond more rapidly to potential temperature excursion.

Floor Plan View

Coldvision will build a floorplan view for powerful visibility into your client's environments. From cold, frozen and ambient conditions to IAQ, the floorplan view allows your team to gain a more actionable perspective into their client's environments.


Wireless Sensors and Probes

ULT, Cryo, Frozen and Cold Storage + Humidity, Air Pressure and IAQ. Rugged and reliable hardware installed with our mobile app-based wizard to capture all your critical data. Includes in-room condition displays and plug-and-play sensors. Earn additional service revenue by providing annual NIST or other regulatory required calibrations.


Coldvision.ai software & mobile app

All your data. In one simple location with powerful alerts, reports and redundancies to serve your assets and people. Deliver more precise service with data-driven information from powerful yet simple reports.


Seamless Calibration and NIST Compliance

Simple calibration renewal with Coldvision.ai and plug-and-play calibration program to drive additional revenue and help your regulatory focused clients easily satisfy their requirements.


Unwavering Customer Support

Coldvision.ai Academy for on-demand training and American-based phone support. Our team handles all the software support and collaborates with your technicians for field support.

Ready for Data Driven Service Packages that Deliver Increased Peace of Mind for your Clients?


Wireless BAS/BMS integration via API with Schneider and another provide via BACnet and Modbus.

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